Transcend Introduces DrivePro 20B- A Multifunctional POV Camera


Transcend Information Inc. (Transcend®), a leading brand of digital storage and multimedia products, recently launched the DrivePro 20B POV camera for outdoor and mobile recording. With its compact size and portability, the DrivePro 20B can be easily attached to helmets, vests, or backpacks, and includes an array of useful features such as high-resolution recording, emergency recording, Wi-Fi connectivity, and an IP68-rated ruggedness, making it your best and safest companion on the road.

STARVIS™ Image Sensor for High-Resolution Recording

The DrivePro 20B's 140° wide-angle lens is made with a STARVIS™* image sensor and Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology to capture high-resolution images with superb, rich color even in low light. Supporting Full HD 1080P recording at 60fps, the camera captures every important detail, including license plates.

IP68 Rated, Rugged and Durable

The DrivePro 20B is designed with an aluminum exterior to withstand harsh weather conditions, making it ideal for outdoor recording. It is IP68 rated, offering full protection against dust and water, and also meets rigorous US military drop-test standards for shock resistance. The camera comes with a high-capacity Li-Polymer battery, allowing up to 4 hours of recording on a single charge, with the added addition of a power-saving mode. It utilizes noise cancellation technology to reduce wind noise and improve audio recording quality when on-the-go. Emergency Recording mode prevents crucial files from being overwritten when detecting a collision.

Wi-Fi Connectivity and Exclusive App

The DrivePro 20B features Wi-Fi connectivity that works with the exclusive DrivePro App to provide real-time footage playback and download on your mobile devices. This means ease of access to video evidence for reporting incidents to law enforcement and insurance companies without the need to pull out the memory card.

Shoulder Strap Mount, Memory Card, and Cable All Included

Included with your purchase of the DrivePro 20B are a specially designed shoulder strap mount, a 64GB microSD memory card, and a micro USB to USB Type-A cable, so no need to buy separate accessories and you can use it right out of the box!

Transcend Exclusive Software: DrivePro Toolbox

With Transcend's exclusive DrivePro Toolbox software, Windows PC and Mac users can capture snapshots during playback, and view vital details such as the date and time of the video. Users can also select a video, edit, and save it as a new clip to another device, ensuring that critical moments are preserved for later use.

*STARVIS™ is a trademark of Sony Corporation.

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