The server market is a demanding sector and one for which reliable storage is indispensable. With the growth of the Internet of Things, servers are now playing an increasingly important role in the storage and distribution of information. Server applications require fast, uninterrupted access to large and increasing amounts of data. Efficiency and storage space are fundamental. Reliability, stability, and durability are also major challenges. Transcend’s SSDs and server-grade DRAM modules offer solutions that address all of these issues.

Fast and spacious

Transcend offers a full range of high-performance and large-capacity memory solutions that meet the needs of server applications. These SSDs and server-grade DRAM modules provide high transfer speeds, allowing large amounts of data to be moved efficiently.

Trustworthy data transfer

When important data is saved in one place, data safety and integrity become crucial. To enhance transfer reliability when power supply is unstable, Transcend’s Intelligent Power Shield prolongs the write time available in the event of a sudden power outage. As servers operate continuously, temperature control is also essential. Wide Temperature technology allows devices to withstand and operate reliably in temperatures from -40°C to 85°C. In addition, the Thermal Sensor allows devices to monitor temperature change and prevent damage caused by overheating.

Transcend’s DRAM modules for servers feature built-in Error Correcting Code (ECC) that automatically detects and corrects transfer errors, increasing overall reliability.

Extended product durability

Transcend’s flash products are equipped with technologies that enhance product durability. SSD Scope Pro is a convenient software that helps users monitor and manage up to 16 SSDs simultaneously via an intuitive interface. For its flash products, Transcend’s Bad Block Management, Wear Leveling, and Garbage Collection technologies manage data stored on NAND flash and re-organize available space, enhancing overall transfer efficiency and extending the life of the device.

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